Please pray for our Missionaries


Bro. Roger & Rachel Mullins
(Craftsmen for Christ)

Bro. Terry Rodgers & Family
(Mission: NOLA)

Bro. David & Virginia Diamante
(Missionaries to the Phillipines)

Bro. Joe & Lela Copley
(Missionaries to the NAtive American Indians)

Ms. Carol Cole
(Big Horn Baptist Church)

Bro. Larry & Vicki Seals
(Gulfcoast Prison Ministry)

Bro. George & Twila Wade
(Prison & Jail Ministry; Rusk, TX)

Bro. Vito Aomi
(Missionary to the Himilayan Kingdom)

Wall of Grace Ministries
(Helping God's servants meet crucial financial needs)

Bro. Tim Horton
(VBS Ministry)

Bro. Ken Trivette
(Missionary to the Oglala Lakota Sioux)

Bro. Mark Thrift
(Missionary to Missionaries)

Bro. Robert Wood
(Gospel Light Prison Ministry)

Bro. Danny Tesseneer
(Missionary to India)

Bro. Travis Sharpe
(Unsheltered International)

Bro. Curtis Gibson
(Missionary to New Orleans)

Rosemary's Home of Hope
(Mission in the Philippines)

Bro. Zach LaRue
(Missonary to the Crow Nation)

Bro. John Faucette
(Missionary of Helps)

Eagle Radio Network
(102.9 FM - North MS)

Pastor Wilson Saripalli
(Missionary to India)

Harold Rochester
(The Rochester Family)

North MS Baptist Bible Institute
(Training Preachers)

Bro. Noel Mananquil
(Missionary to the Philippines)

  June 2021  
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